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ASI Garage Door Alarm

The new ASI garage door indicator alarm!

ASI Garage Door Indicator Alarm.

Provides a simple and convenient means of checking if your door is open and the unit comprises an alarm function that can be switched on or off at night.

Price: £55.00 


The perfect product if you dont have sight of your garage door - from anywhere in your home, just plug into a 13 amp socket and fix the transmitter to the back of the garage door with the velcro pads supplied and you can monitor if your garage door is open or closed during the day from the reciever monitor.

And in the evening before you go to bed, simpily turn on the side switch, so the product becomes an alarm aswell as an indicator, if the door is opened during this mode, the monitor in your home will beep continually to alert you.

  • System is totally wireless.
  • Visual and audible day or night.
  • No limit on shelf / stock life as battery has pull out tab.
  • Giving extra security and peace of mind.
  • Range to 50 metres.
  • Easy to fit - no tools required.
  • No more worrying - Did I close the door.